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Instead of wasting their time and money Addison Lee should hold their hands up and admit they were wrong says GMB union. [...]
Stephanie Peacock MP tells Parliament about Amazon workers miscarrying and a carer forced to give urine sample to prove she was too sick to work. [...]
Annual redundancy spend would pay almost 300 much-needed paramedics’ salaries for a year says GMB union. [...]
Just like the NHS pay deal, a closer look at figures shows this 'late night petrol station guilt gift' is more sleight of hand from the PM after years of neglect, says GMB [...]
NWAS Paramedics Strike
Thanks to the pig-headed attitude of NWAS top brass, our members will take strike action on Monday, June 18 says GMB Union. [...]
Hard working and loyal staff, who endured almost a decade of pay freezes and caps, would be rewarded with a further three years real terms pay cuts, says GMB union [...]
These type of quality, well paid and skilled jobs will not be easily replaced - it will have a devastating impact on workers but also the economy says GMB union. [...]
Between Trump wanting to slap tariffs on our steel and the UK Government refusing to be in a European customs union, UK manufacturing risks being stranded says GMB [...]
.87% of GMB’s NHS members in England, have voted to reject the three year pay deal for NHS and ambulance workers. [...]
Our trade union brothers and sisters overseas are being threatened, harassed and in cases like this, murdered just for being a trade union member say unions [...]

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